Geraldine Lambert  - Artist
                                                      Artists Statement 
                                            Geraldine Lambert MA  

My work is inspired by the ethereal, the secret sublime, and the hidden world of reverie, old magic and symbolic representation. I describe myself as 
a Visionary Artist focusing upon magical and occult themes, especially the magic that comes from creative interplay when mystical worlds collide. 

Some of my work is produced using automatic drawing techniques which are precursors to some of the paintings produced. Some works are inspired by direct magical and occult experience, and others by that which is learnt and supports my own persuasion.  

My work has been published in a number of pagan and magical esoteric books and magazines, including the Abraxas Journal 3. (Fulgar), 
Black Moon Publishing titles;- 
'Women of Babalon',  'Lucifer-Light of the Aeon', 'Songs of the Black Flame'. 
I have also exhibited artwork in pop-up shows and galleries in the UK and sell work to private collectors.                         
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