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About The Artist
Geraldine Lambert MA  

Geraldine Lambert is a visual artist working within the genre of visionary and esoteric mystical endeavour. Her drawings, paintings and wood engraved prints are influenced by the sublime world of hidden reverie, spiritual quintessence and magical symbolism. Her use of pictorial imagery has developed into a recognizable style using line and movement as signatures of her work. 

Her range of interests, which are often woven into the subject matter of her work, include the imagery and historical meanings of the tarot, medieval artistry, psychical phenomena and the mysteries of folklore and plant cunning. Geraldine is a magical practitioner and a member of the Order of the Morning Star.

Published art works and written contributions include;-
Fulgur;- Abraxas Journal 3.
Anathema Publishing, Canada;- Pillars, Circling the Compass.
Black Moon Books, USA;-- Songs of the Dark Flame, Light of the Aeon.
Venificia Publishing UK;- Opus Arcana.
Luna Bleu Journal;- The Craft of the Hedge Witch.

Current projects include Tarot designs and art work for private collectors.
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